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02-Jul-2017 19:37

In a letter posted on its website, Apple apologized to its customers for reducing performance on older i Phone models and announced that it would offer a discount on battery replacement for affected phones.In September we met Apple's newest smartphones, found out what it looks like when you don't use a solar filter to photograph the eclipse, and bid a fond farewell to Cassini as it transmitted its last images of Saturn.

The rare limited edition Leica M-P has officially made its way back to the store.It took 20 years of policy and hard work by Idaho residents, businesses, and officials, but the Central Idaho Dark-Sky Reserve is finally a reality.It is the first International Dark Sky Reserve in the US, joining 11 others around the globe.Filmmaker Philip Edsel has been working with the Sony Cyber-shot RX0 for a while, and his new piece, PARALLAX, was shot entirely using RX0 cameras.

We spoke to him recently about the process of making the film.That’s what happened two weeks ago, though the reality of what we found has taken a few days of research and a lot of Googling to understand...""[It seems] Phase One has no plans to support the GFX 50S or any other medium format camera on the market to protect its own medium format system.